Jameson Whiskey: Playable Billboards

This new interactive ad campaign I came across for Jameson should definitely be noted by other companies wishing to create an interactive and engaging out-of-home ad campaign. To promote their new their new RTD (ready-to drink) products, Cloudy Apple and Raw Cola, Jameson created a series of augmented reality ads that consumers can scan using Blippar.

The Blippar app is powered by, “Image Recognition technology on an Augmented Reality Platform, creating ‘playable’ billboards, adshells, websites, banner ads, the Facebook app and even the real bottle itself, to launch the game from any smartphone”.(Hepburn)

Jameson's Two New RTB Products

Jameson’s Two New RTB Products

The premise is simple but effective; using the Blippar app scan the ad and get a game you play on your phone. In this case the game is called Apple Attack and it basically looks like a reworked version of Space Invaders, as you must shoot all the apples on the screen to win. Users can even post and share their scores on Facebook, thus bringing a social aspect to the campaign that can help boost the campaigns’ visibility to potential customers.

I could see these types of ad campaigns that use augmented reality on ads, as being highly effective in urban/metropolitan markets. With numerous bus stops, subway lines and large public spaces in these markets, large and visible ads can be placed at these locations. To encourage interacting with the ad, a logo that tells the consumer to download the Blippar app to scan the ad to find out more, should be placed somewhere on the ad.

Coke, Pepsi as well as many other brands looking for more ways to interact with consumers can do wonders with type of new, creative and engaging technology.


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